At the Gastrothèque Alpine, lunch is served Monday through Friday out on the terrace and on the patio. The menu comprises a fine selection of both small and big lunch options to suit your appetite—from innovatively interpreted traditional dishes and locally adapted international classics to sophisticated seasonal creations. Guests can also choose from a comprehensive wine and drinks menu that focuses on local products and specialities.

External guests may only dine at the Gastrothèque Alpine if they are booked for the Day Spa.

We highly recommend making a reservation in advance. For reservations, please contact: +39 0471 887 150 or

The Fine Dining Die Saligen combines haute cuisine, fine wines, excellent service, and a special interior design. In a refined and elegant atmosphere, the restaurant serves dinner (and lunch as well on weekends) with a strong commitment to raising awareness about the products and optimum processing methods. The dishes prepared in our kitchen are mostly seasonal and regionally sourced, freshly made, locally inspired, and innovatively adapted. A comprehensive wine list and, upon request, a wine pairing selected to match your personal taste, highly discreet and attentive waiting staff, and the special atmosphere of the different restaurant areas available to our guests—from the dining hall, patio, and terrace to the Gothic parlour—complete the culinary fine-dining experience at the Saligen.

Upon request and with prior reservation, the Fine Dining Die Saligen is also open to external guests. We request that our guests wear the appropriate attire.

Reservation is required: +39 0471 887 150 or

The bar of the Fine Hotel & Hideaway Berghoferin named Zeno’s - located centrally at the end of the lobby and open from early in the morning until late in the evening—is the living hub of our hotel. In addition to a fireplace corner, reading room, and smoking lounge, the bar and its service area also feature a library stocked with a multitude of books spread out across a number of nooks on the ground floor as well as several cosy little corner retreats where guests can sojourn. The bar’s discreet and familiar lounge atmosphere and chic, classy interior are perfect for enjoying aromatic coffee specialities and select teas as well as classic aperitif cocktails and tasteful after-dinner drinks.

External guests may only visit the bar if they have a reservation at the Fine Dining Die Saligen restaurant or are booked for the Day Spa.