Swimming your laps with a view of the majestic mountain range panorama, satisfying your longing for eternal summer on Alpine meadows in the shade of lush larch trees. Enveloped in the afternoon tranquillity, enjoying the soothing power of Alpine plants while receiving a facial treatment with natural cosmetics or a massage out in the open air. And as the seasons change, firing up the wood-burning stove after a leisurely stroll through peaceful forests under autumn foliage and sitting in the Swiss pine banya, overlooking nature as it slowly begins to settle down for the year; feeling the revitalising gush of cool mountain spring water after a relaxing sauna, bringing a day of personal well-being to an enjoyable conclusion with the cosy warmth of the fire in the fireplace room.

Not only in an architectural sense does the Lido alpin lead its guests from the house out into nature to allow them to wind down and find new strength in the peaceful ambience; in fact, it leads them out into nature on many different levels: the conscious decision to use many high-quality active ingredients sourced from the region’s diverse plant life; the select spa and treatment offers that let you experience the powerful benefits these herbs have on health, well-being, and beauty; the choice to resort to a vast range of materials, colours, and shapes when designing and furbishing the facility—it all pays tribute to nature's role as the protagonist at the Lido Alpin Pool & Spa, setting the foundation of the sustainable approach to holistic well-being we pursue here.

The solar-heated open-air swimming pool with its expansive lounging area, nestled in the pastoral landscape of Alpine meadows and shielded from view by a large, forested area surrounding the premises, has a truly special flair and is the centrepiece of the Lido alpin with its “Palm Springs in the Sixties” charm.

The spa of the Lido alpin includes a sauna area with a classic Finnish sauna, a steam room, and a small brine steam bath, which can all be enjoyed at different temperatures and humidity levels and feature a variety of scents, as well as various indoor and outdoor showers for revitalising contrast showers and activating water rinses. The sauna area has an exit leading directly out into the open air, and for longer cool-down and fresh-air phases between sauna sessions, we offer loungers in the shielded outdoor area. In the fireplace room, spa guests can enjoy comforting warmth and a soft, quiet atmosphere while recuperating from the sauna sessions or relaxing after spa treatments. The perfect occasion to visit the sun-drenched foyer room towards the pool and enjoy the small lounge area with a well-sorted spa library and a corner offering tea and refreshments.

It is directly adjacent to the Lido Alpin’s treatment area which comprises a number of specially equipped rooms. A select range of treatments, care rituals, and massages using high-quality, natural active ingredients, oils, and essences can also be booked as open-air sessions.

Via the outside pool and the adjoining lounging areas, the spa finally leads you into the surrounding landscape and our open-air offers: while the sauna house by the pond is reserved for Private Spa Time bookings, the Swiss pine banyas with wood-fired stoves are open to all spa guests.

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